About BBQ Texas TV Show

So Good !!! And, it comes from Texas!!!

BBQ Texas TV Show

Finally…. A TV Show that focuses on Texas BBQ! You get an All-Access pass to any Cooking Team!

  • Cooking Teams 100%
  • BBQ Competitions 99%
  • Cooking Tips (It’s hard to get the secrets!!) 20%
  • BBQ Sauces 75%
  • Pits and Smokers 98%
  • Good Times!! 100%

Live on Location

The BBQ Texas TV Show crew comes on site to your event! Give us some heads-up so we can plan your event into our schedule.

Cook Off Music

Every Cook Off needs good music! Are you featuring a band or DJ at your event?? Let us know and we’ll give you shout out on our Show!

Meet the Teams

Cook Offs only happen with Cooking Teams! Turn in to meet the champion teams of Texas!

Good Food

What is your team’s speciality?? Got something that nobody has?? Contact our Production team and we’ll feature that special sumthin’ that everyone should know about!

Want to Be on the Show??

If you are interested in having your team featured on BBQ Texas TV Show, send us an inquiry and or Production Team will get back to asap!

Contact the Producers